Camping in the grounds of the festival is of course free of charge for all weekend ticket holders with the choice of either a family area for people who want some quiet time or an alternative field for those who like a bit more noise.

Hotel rooms for Elementary 2016 are now on sale 

Why not stay in the hotel in style and comfort during your stay at Elementary Festival 2016? A great selection of hotel rooms are available in Baskerville Hall. Rooms range from executive suites and large family rooms to more basic rooms suitable for groups of friends.

Just picture yourself climbing the mansion’s grand staircase after a few beers (!) to retire to your own warm and comfortable room where you slip under the sheets and sleep in a lovely soft bed….

There are also a number of multi-share rooms which can sleep 3, 4 and 6 if you want to chip-in and share with your friends.

To see all the rooms available at Baskerville Hall, please follow this link

Accommodation 1


How to book a hotel room for the festival

Hotel rooms are on sale. Please note, you must purchase tickets for all people staying in the room before booking the rooms. Please contact Baskerville Hall Hotel directly to book your room once you have purchased your festival tickets.

To see more images of the rooms available at Baskerville Hall, please follow this link