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Who is Tall Paul?

My name is Tall Paul and I have been playing the didgeridoo for about 23 years, making them for 13 years and performing, teaching and running workshops with them for about 11!

On my website you will find two main types of didgeridoo: native English split wood didges and termite eaten eucalyptus didges made from imported logs from Australia.

Beginner to expert

I build didges for many different styles and level of play, ranging from beginner through to expert, including: power conicles; smooth conicles; meditative; multi drone/multi toots; and many hybrids of each.

I always have a large stock of notes to choose from and if I haven’t got what you want you only have to ask and I will make it for you!

Many products online

On this site you will also find: Didgeridoos, Jews Harp, Dan Moi, Shakers, Native American Flutes, Gongs and Singing Bowls.


Information on how to play and how to book me for lessons, performances, workshops, you will also find didge clubs here as well.

Didgeridoo Shop

Buy direct from the online shop. Didge Tall Paul ships anywhere in the world! Most of my didgeridoos can be shipped at a flat rate to many central european countries. Have a look in the shop.

Simple Tutorials

Simple Tutorials

See my tutorials for Circular breathing to advance as a serious didge player, or perhaps my percussive Breakbeat style. Give it a go.. it’s a lot easier than I’ve made it sound!

Learn to Play

Learn to Play

If you fancy trying something new, you’ve never played a didge before and are interested to learn more about this fabulous instrument, then this could be the ideal space to meet up with like-minded people.

School Workshop

School Workshop

An exciting opportunity for children to discover, learn and experience one of the oldest woodwind instruments in the world! See our professional services to run Didgeridoo Workshops within your school.