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dam scriven


With a long list of shows under his belt including Glastonbury and Woodford Folk Festivals, Adam will be playing the outdoor stage on the lawn @ Elementary 2016.

Adam’s passionate and heartfelt delivery of his songs has been captivating audiences across Australia and Europe.

A guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an array of harmonicas, stomp box and didgeridoo, Adam’s talents are a must see at Elementary this year. Check this out….

Adam’s Full Bio
A standing ovation at Woodford Folk Festival marked the release of Adam’s debut EP “Dreams and Alibis” in 2012.  Since then he has been captivating audiences globally with his passionate, multi-instrumental mix of blues, folk and roots, sharing the stage with Lior, OKA, Ganga-giri and many other acts.

Adam’s passion for music is clear and infectious incorporating conscious lyrics with intricate finger picking, virtuoso and percussive guitar techniques, yidaki (didgeridoo), harmonica and foot stomp.

His second EP “Live, Love and Learn” released in 2013 reveals a step into a diverse range of collaboration with local artists in a studio setting.

Hailing from the South West of England, it wasn’t until the age of twenty-one whilst travelling in Australia that he began his musical journey, playing Djembe by camp fire light.

A few months spent in the Northern Territory introduced Adam to the Yidaki (didgeridoo) and with a deep feel for the importance of rhythm, Adam began to blend these instruments and at twenty-three, picked up a guitar with a passion and drive to express himself.

Itchy feet has kept Adam moving with years spent in Europe, Africa and Australia exploring the diverse cultures, tastes and sounds. Moving to Brisbane in 2008, Adam progressed into the independent music scene, playing at venues, festivals and events up and down the East Coast.

A constant flow of new material has kept Adam’s passion for music alive and his songs relate to his travel experience and philosophical approach to the challenges of life.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 and involving himself with the local music scene, Adam began working on a live show, incorporating much of what he had seen and heard on his travels.

Touring England and Europe has also been a major focus in the last three years, with many miles travelled to keep the show on the road.

A move to Darwin in early 2015 has given Adam a new place to call home.  He’s winning over audiences at every turn and with the of his first born, very much enjoying life at the present.

See you in August Adam!

Elementary Team